There Were Riots In The Tokyo Airport


If you have been following my progress so far, it pains me to say that I have not yet made it past the first leg of my trip. In fact, I’m not gonna make it past this leg for 2 days.

After sprinting to the gate to board from Tokyo to Singapore (my new friend Kara and I now laugh about in irony considering our current fate) and we sat on that airplane for approx. 6 hours. Of which I mostly slept. In a night reminiscent of the aforementioned 30 rock episode, with the captain telling us ever half an hour or so that it was going to be “about a half an hour” and people were apparently “de-icing” the plane.

Let me side track for a second to say that from my current vantage looking out from the airport, it is not that bad outside. The sun is shining and I really can’t see that much snow. A man from the UK told us that it is about 30 centimeters. The Minnesotan in me says “shut the frack up, Tokyo” we handle that weather in our sleep! You should be letting people go.

Back on track. After 6 hours they took everyone off the plane, handed out sleeping bags and pillows and we all laid out on the floor and the seats for a big fun slumber party. I should add that I am not alone now, I actually managed to find Kara who is going to that same school in Malaysia as me and we’ve decided to try to rough this crazy situation together which is very reassuring. We also made friends with two American co-workers on a business trip (or should I say our “guardian angels” because the man was the only one around with cell service and he helped us reroute out planes in the morning and communicated with the confusing delta help desk workers). They are probably in a hotel now, which is where we should be if we could get out of the freaking airport.

No trains. No metro. No buses. All the hotels around the airport are booked up. No taxis or cars are going out.

We are now rebooked on a flight that leaves Tuesday but stuck in an airport and it is sunday! . The hilarious part was that there were riots in the terminal area. I didn’t really understand it because it was a lot of angry Asian folks. But there was yelling and chanting and some poor delta worker who kept getting on the speaker and saying that he was sorry about everything. Now, I was understandably pissed about the whole situation but I wasn’t about to join a riot (strongly probably due to the fact that I was dog-tired after a restless night of sleeping/jet lag).

I was actually too busy frantically trying to get wifi to communicate with my dad about my situation, because as much as I like to think of myself as a functioning adult I guess I still need my parents to bail me out of foreign situations. (That’s a blow the ol’ ego right there. Whatever) I did manage to get a text to my mom that just said “help!!” before my wifi died which was understandably concerning to her.

All’s good now, considering, and that being a relative term. Kara and I are camped out next to some trash cans on the highest level of the airport (where there is the most oxygen). We are just chilling on the floor, which may soon be our bed. The airport is so full of people. We went down to the train area and physically couldn’t move. We literally got stuck in the middle of the room. I was like “what should we do now?” Kara’s like “find a place to hang out for a while” and I’m like “no, literally what do we do to get out of this room?”

More updates to come from the Tokyo airport. Or hopefully not. Fingers crossed.

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