As I’m Travelling

Notes from on the plane:
We got detoured to another Japanese city on our way to the Tokyo airport and ending up sitting on the runway while we refueled and I couldn’t help but feel reminiscent of a certain 30 rock episode where Liz and Matt Damon spend a considerable time on an airplane watching Legend of the Guardians. The pilot comes over the speakers saying with with be about half an hour reminding me of Matt Damon explaining that they say half and hour to let people know they are going to half to wait but they don’t panic. So it’s anyone’s guess as to when we actually leave
. If this breaks into a Lord of the Flies scenario at least I have a kindle and a fairly heavy Malaysian guidebook to protect/entertain me or possibly make a small fire if the plane state deteriorates enough. It’s already freezing and I’m dressed for the tropics, damn it.

Notes from the plane:
I’m tired and already have turned to listening to my most relaxing Spotify playlist consisting of 90s oldie classics and the Proclaimers. Note for the curious mind: In “500 Miles” he says “haver” which is Scottish slang for “babble” I googled it. Only because that’s my favorite song. Who said you wouldn’t learn anything on this blog?!

Notes from the Tokyo airport:
We can’t take off. They have handed out sleeping bags and now we are all spread out in the terminal like some crazy multinational sleepover.

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