Malaysia: WTF?


Am I emotionally prepared to travel halfway across the world? 

Let us start with the fact that: I know nothing about Malaysia. 

Malaysia doesn’t even have it’s own guide book. I’m going to a place that has to share it’s guide book with Singapore. This isn’t a huge let down considering I was also planning on going to Singapore. I am not impervious to the fact that it is a pretty random place to spend a semester. 

So here’s the story: 

Originally, I was heart-set on traveling to Thailand. I signed up in my school to travel to Thailand for a semester through the ISEP exchange. I had been to China, and I had fallen in love with that side of the world. I had always wanted to go to Thailand, and it was basically my dream. 

Then I got a soul-crushing email during my editing class from Kristy Beavers (the lovely lady in charge of ISEP for Chapman) telling me that ISEP didn’t have enough room to fit me in their program. To say I was upset was an understatement, but after a quick call to my best friend and a long hug from my friend who also go rejected for Thailand, I started on plan B. 

And that was Malaysia. In the course of 32 hours, all of my plans were changed and I was rapid-researching classes in Malaysia. Now, it feels very “first world problems” to be upset about switching from one exotic locale to another, but it was hammering a real important lesson into my head: 

Everything happens for a reason.

And hey, right now there is a shit ton of turmoil in Thailand right now. So…fate? I think yes. Of course, I haven’t actually gotten to Malaysia to prove my “Everything turns out for the best” theory, but the fact remains: bad news is not always so bad. 

I have wondered off track. Figuratively and literally. The point was that I am absolutely terrified, as I should be, but I am even more excited. The great thing about traveling to Malaysia is that there is absolutely no precedent because no one has been! The google searches about Malaysian travelers are extremely sparse. So we are all going through this together folks. With a slate as blank as can be, I’m Malaysian bound.

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