Film School? Maybe?

Real conversation. Brenna: What do you edit on? Malaysian: *confused look* Brenna: Edit? Malaysian: *confusion* Brenna: What software do you use to edit? Program? Joske: Software? Malaysian: Oh! Photoshop, Indesign, Premier. Brenna: (know-it-all) Premier?! Oh, okay. Do you know avid? Malaysian: *blank* Brenna: Avid?! Malaysian: No Brenna: Its the industry standard!! (Just kidding dodge) No, Avid is lame. What? Brenna’s a film student. My lovely, … Continue reading Film School? Maybe?

I Was Called Mature and Chunky

My audio classmates are killing my confidence. I always get looks of shock when I tell people I’m 20, which I guess I should take as a compliment. The Malaysians say I look “mature”, which is probably a compliment? Whatever, I’m taking it as one. I figured out today the shock comes because most of the Malaysians are like 22 or 23. They start university … Continue reading I Was Called Mature and Chunky

The Day Continues In Shopping Malls

And piercings happened. We left Chinatown for the Pavillion Shopping Center in a busier part of KL. This place was a bit too classy for traveling college students. Chanel isn’t exactly my go to. Lenny was dead set on getting his ear pierced and pretty much everyone else in the group had decided that they had something on their body they wanted pierced. (Maybe it’s … Continue reading The Day Continues In Shopping Malls