The disclaimer of this story is that sometimes backpacking is really hard.  So we arrive at the airport in Vientiane in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday And our destination is Vietnam but Annie has yet to receive her visa approval letter she applied for two days prior. Something I had been reminding her to do for weeks. Just saying.  But the flight … Continue reading Viet-nah


Where has Brenna been?  Well a more appropriate question would be where hasn’t Brenna been.  And the answer to that is I have not been writing my blog. So apologies loyal blog readers because in fact I have a ton of things to write about.  It has been over two weeks since my first semester teaching has finished and there are many many things to … Continue reading Lao-der

Out With The Old, In With The New (Kind of)

A story of pain, strength, and bliss. And one of a (seemingly endless) collection of stories entitled: Brenna’s continued, and everlasting obsession with Chiang Mai.  For those of you who are keeping track…This is trip number five! Oh Chiang Mai! Let me count the ways I love thee! So it is 6am on a cold (relatively) morning and Bri and I are hauling our things up the … Continue reading Out With The Old, In With The New (Kind of)